25.11.20 – Server 3 wipe date adjustment
Server 3's 14 day wipe schedule is being shifted to match Facepunch update/forced wipe pattern. It will now wipe on the first and third Thursday of the month.

11.11.20 – Server 2 full wipe scheduled (map & BP), 13/11 19:00 GMT+1
Server will also convert to a modded server, with some major changes :)

23.10.20 – Server 1 wipe scheduled (map & BP)
To clear up a few bugs that have appeared and to include any new content available, Server 1 will be wiping with the next major update. This is expected to be November 5, during the evening

23.10.20 - Server 3 wipe scheduled (map & BP)
Server 3 will be wiped and restarted with a new random seed on October 27th

18.10.20 – Server hardware upgrade completed
Server hardware is now Core i7-9700K 8 core. Each server now has 2/3 dedicated cores.

12.10.20 - Server hardware upgrade scheduled
The server hardware will be upgrading from i5 9th gen (6 core) to i7 (12 core) with water cooling. This will enable each of the 3 servers to run on their own isolated 3 cores. The parts are already ordered and the upgrade will occur as soon as they arrive.

11.10.20 – Server 3 wipe scheduled
Server 3 will be wiped (map and blueprints) and restarted with a new random seed on October 13th

2.10.20 – Map bug in update - barriers on roads -
These ONLY happen where 2 roads meet. We can avoid them by jumping or by running around the junctions.

1.10.20 – Elevator update is live on all 3 servers!
You can read the details here

29.09.20 – Server 3 goes live for the first time!
A mini map with a 14 day wipe schedule.

10.09.20 – The Maze opens on Server 1
A mini monument created on the coastline with a hackable crate as a completion prize. Check your map for the location (Marked by the crate icon)

5.09.20 – New admin announcement.
Current admins are HeliumGerbil, Kotsis, Zigby & an incognito admin.

05.09.20 – Introducing Zombie Fridays!!
Every Friday, between 18.00-20.00, Server 1 will be home to hordes of evil undead. Take off on a solo adventure or join in with a group to save the server from being over-run by these murderous monsters.

05.09.20 – Minicopter lifespan changes
Minicopters will now remain under a roof for 10080 minutes (7 days) and outside for 8 hours before running out of life. You must remember to keep them repaired however.